Only dead fish swim with the current.

Marketing for challenger brands that push the status quo.

You're ready to make a splash, but don't know how

Marketing has become a dull, data-driven numbers game in pursuit of vanity metrics. But, let's face it. Staring at numbers are not gonna change the status quo. What you need is a little something called ✨creativity✨ to make yourself heard and seen.

That’s where I come in.

If you're a small fish in a big pond, I'm here to challenge you to be bolder and braver in your marketing through creative marketing strategies that builds an audience, engages them, and turns them into loyal customers.

Let's dive in!

Brands who took the plunge with me



Ready to dive deep? Let’s build a creative strategy, rooted in research and real insights, that will work for your brand and let's you see impactful results.


Want to ignite new ideas and get your team onboard? I facilitate immersive and interactive sessions that spark creativity, foster collaboration, and drive actionable insights.


Are you already up and running with a marketing strategy but not seeing any results and wondering why? Then a marketing audit is for you.

"Karolina was a real star recruitment for us. She came in and immediately started to deliver."
"I really appreciate Karolina's straight approach. She will never give you some bs answer but is really clear in her communication with us."
"We've been able to triple our ROAS since bringing Karolina on. She has challenged our ways of working and we're now much more efficient, and profitable!"