Throughout my entire life I’ve been an outsider. I never had a clique of friends, hanging out with jocks and goths alike. I played video games, and was very much in the minority attending the world’s biggest gaming event when I was in my teens. I moved away from my hometown when everyone else stayed.

On top of that, I grew up in a neurodiverse household, which is almost like a cheat code to seeing the world differently and learning how to communicate with others who speak a somewhat different language than yourself.

I’m as diverse as my one (yes, 1) Spotify playlist, that currently sits at 8,523 songs. I love being surprised by getting an old favorite song on shuffle and being able to go through my different genre periods, sparking memories from different parts of my life and making connections.

Being an outsider means you get more out of life, in my opinion. You start seeing and making connections others can’t because they're too close. This fuels my professional life as I love challenging current ways of working, bringing ideas to life, and making those connections you're not able to see on the inside to fuel innovation.

I’m Karolina, with a k, and I’m here to continue being an outsider because it makes life so much more interesting.

What you can expect from working with me


Why is the moon called the moon? Having my inner 5-year-old as my right hand, I want to know the ins and outs of your business so I can figure out which levers we can pull to grow


In Sweden, we have this expression of “driving with straight pipes”. Translation: no detours, no intermediaries, and no bs - that's how I work.


By keeping my fingers on the pulse, analyzing, testing, and researching, I get you the best insights for your brand to get your business growing.


Growing up in a neurodiverse household, I’ve gained invaluable insights into diverse perspectives and ways of navigating the world, making sure I don’t wave off anyone for being a bit “weird”. We’re in this together.